playing with my sister

This is Christina, she is my younger sister. She is a Sagittarius like me, who likes to blend in sometimes and get noticed other times. I was in high school when she was four. I had my Pentax camera and she had a black eye, chicken-pox, and a old lady wig....we had a great time.



a Dog and His Girl

I've been very busy with my show ....a Dog and His Girl.....check on the link to see what I've been doing.


to Portland and back

to Portland and back from Athena Lonsdale on Vimeo.

I went on a photo retreat, I guess you could call it, with my friend Eileen. We went to Portland and to the Oregon coast for a week stay. This video is my spin on the Portland section of our trip. Traveling with Eileen is always enjoyable. She is a good match for me. The trip was filled with creativity and I want to thank Eileen for being somewhat of a muse for me. I look forward to the next trip.



00-K from Athena Lonsdale on Vimeo.
I had a couple requests to post this video....sorry to those who have already seen it.


Looking up and looking down

Portland reminds me, again, interesting things can be found just by looking up or looking down.

I worked in Government Camp, Oregon at High Cascade Snowboard Camp. On rain days when we couldn't or wouldn't snowboard, we would take the campers into Portland for the day. One day, someone on the street pointed high at an apartment window and told us we needed to go in there. We entered the building, climbed stairs, followed whitish walls, and where glad we didn't have too much in our wallets. The older woman's door was ajar, she welcomed us in and lets us roam. Two bedrooms, a living room, a kitchen, a bathroom all over-filled with Elvis Presley. Elvis dolls, belts, beads, bathmats, tissue holders, tapestries, tongue depressors, lamps, luggage, Elvis lollipops, Elvis lives behind her unmarked door in downtown Portland.



the imparting or interchange of thoughts, opinions, or information by speech, writing, or signs.
  • to or too = 2
  • for = 4
  • you = u
  • your/you're = ur
  • are = r
  • be = b
  • be right back = brb
  • talk to you later = ttyl
  • nothing much = nm
  • just chillin = jc
  • never mind = nvm
  • right = ryt/ rite/ ri
  • probably = prbly/ prob
  • ta ta for now = ttfn
  • back to homework = bthw
  • what = wat/ wut/ ?
  • just wondering= jw
  • just kidding = jk
  • what the fuck = wtf
  • oh my god = OMG
  • laughing out loud = lol
  • great = gr8
  • love = lv

I grew up on a commune in the Southwest. My phone line was shared by three other homes, none of them being my best friend's. Shana lived a mile up the mountain from me. She lived with her parents and brothers in a one room adobe home without electricity, running water, personal space, or a phone. If I wanted to see what she was up to I would hike a mile and see.
And to this day, there is no cell phone service.


MAC Group Shoot (part two)

My first year of high school was spent in a big California public high school, the kind of schools they make movies about.

I remember one night, my new friend and I quietly made it back into her house as the clock turned midnight thirty. We changed out of our Friday night party gear and sat on the couch amongst the covers recapping the evening we had together. Our stories were cut short by a ping on the window in the other room, her bedroom. A boy from the party was there. She tried to tell him to go away, that we were doing our own thing, that she didn't want him to wake her parents. He kept at it, he wanted in. She gave up, rolled her eyes at the inconvenient situation, and he walked around to the front door. On her way to the door, she asked me with a bit of hope and of genuine hospitality if I "wanted him". My answer was quick "no thanks". She quietly opened the door and guided him back to her room.


MAC Group Shoot

When I was this small, I trusted a girl to hold the bathroom door closed for me while I peed to the side of my leotard as my hippie mother taught me to do. The girl opened the door mid stream, laughed at me, and then ran from her door duties to go tell the rest of the class that I peed my pants. Oh, to be young again.
Big thanks to Marcy, Bill at the MAC group, Joe Lavine, Ingrid, and Jeanne for making this shoot happen. Medium thanks to Mary and Forest for your help, food, and entertainment. Small thanks to myself for finding the light and bringing the 600R.


Cinematic Lighting Class with Bruce Dorn

I found a stillness, just for a moment, a bond with time. For once, there was just me, just me, in my thoughts, just me. I closed my eyes and drifted off. The stale bar anchored me in place. The voices of the morning deliveries slowly faded. My hand was firm around the smooth glass as the light pushed me further into my denial. Her offerings of another fix of solitude renewed the worlds existence.  I was back and the moment was over.  I confirmed with the lady, I would indeed have another.
Bruce Dorn came to RMSP to teach me a Professional Studies class. It was so nice to be a student again. I loved fighting the students for shooting space and accidentally defending my photos in critique. I made all the mistakes I said I wouldn't. It goes to show that acting like a dumbass is just part of how it goes. I had a great time and learned lots, so thank you Bruce! And, thanks Jeanne for letting me take the class. 

a clip from my class with Bruce Dorn from Athena Lonsdale on Vimeo.


He's Gone

He left cuter than he arrived. Cyrus died the morning of September 13th at 10:42 am. I will miss him beyond what I can express. He was my world for 13 years. Cyrus took his last breath while wrapped in my arms and eyes to mine. I'm so sad to have him gone.


More Skate Like a Girl

kickflip 50-50
Laura Sliva



Cyrus (my Dog) the phoDOGrapher and myself put together a book of our work and submitted it to Blurb for their big contest. I hope you have some time to check it out and vote if you like it. I don't know what the votes will get us, they have a judge for the grand prize.....hummm sounds like marketing to me....it's working....Cyrus and I have got our competitive spirits out and we are playing the game! So if you want to cheer for us we would love it!
Thanks for the VOTE!


Beauty and the Beast

Skate ladies first and today the skate boys. Mobash hosted the Beauty and the Beast Tour, boys from Anti Hero and Girl. The boys were a little more testy than the girls I photographed the day before. They must have had pent up travel issues. Maybe I was pointing my camera at too many Beasts and not enough Beauties?
On a side note, their filmers had really nice Leica lenses....

So, after looking through my anti-photos I found this beauty, our local hero, Ray Hertz

Skate Like A Girl

transfer tail slide to the deep

so cute - love her

alley oop fakie 5-0

Here is Frederique Luyet at 52 SkatePark here in Missoula. I went out there to photograph a hand full of girls from Skate Like A Girl and had a real positive girl experience, the type that we read about or that movies like to portray. They rode well, were excited about each others achievements, promoted each other, and their photographer played and exchanged advice with me. lots of fun and a feel good time. I hope you can catch them on their tour.
Skate Like A Girl


Traveling Nowhere Soon

I'm still adding to my Traveling Nowhere Soon series that I started a little over a year ago. Here is my latest addition. If you haven't seen the others in the series click here.



father from Athena Lonsdale on Vimeo.

Kerri Rossenstein is a local artist here in Missoula, MT.
I documented her as she worked on her latest piece called 'father' that is now installed at the Missoula Art Museum.
Thank you Kerri for letting me follow you around pointing expensive black shinny things in your space and recording your every move. You were very brave...... photogenic too.

Eileen Rafferty did a fabulous job editing all the footage and audio. She put it all together to make a great video to showcase Kerri. I want to thank her so very much for all her hard work and hours that she put into this. If you need any editing done, please contact Eileen. She is a joy to work with.
Also a big thanks to Marcy James for helping me record the audio. I enjoyed her company and skills - thanks Marcy!

FOR A LARGER VIEW go to www.athenaphotography.com and click on 'story portraits' then click on 'father



floating or sinking

i forget how full summer is and feels.
here it comes.
am I ready for the jacket to come off?



I have updated my site athenaphotography.com and also Cyrus' site.
I want to thank my friend Jen at Jenco Creative for encouraging me to design & created the new look myself, while giving me help and support as needed . It was extremely helpful having her say "not good enough, Athena, try harder" "Do this ...not that." Jen would point me in the direction and I would run with it. Thank you, thank you, Jen
Also a thanks to Dave at saltStudio for his reminder to keep it simple and for his constant ability to make me laugh.
liveBooks of course, I love their sites and the folks over there have been so helpful to me. Thank you Kathy, Jerico, Margie, and the others that helped make my site happen.

my world is way better with you in it • May 2009

Justin and Rick, Rocky Mountain Development Group, bought the Wilma building where I have my vacation rental property. I am enchanted by the Wilma building, love the Victorian theater, and I'm filled with gratitude that I'm involved in the buildings new future. Rick and Justin purchased the 1920 building in 2007, turned the building into sellable residential and office condominiums, restored the the building inside and out, and here they stand in their future office located on the river front level. These boys (men) are smart, healthy and good humans (not to mention dog lovers) and my world is way better with them in it.

Justin and his handsome, well mannered dog, Trapper

On Deck 04

I had another great year at the On Deck auction. There were lots of great boards, so much creativity - love it! Buzzy had a fabulous board - see it on the top left?

TOP: my board
BOTTOM: Kim the happy owner of my board!

Thanks to all the artists involved and the Montana Skatepark Association for making this event happen.


Page's Party "Cup Cakes and Cocktails"

My friend Page turned 30 the other night - here are some shots from that night.




2 Shows 2 See • Friday Night • Missoula, MT

Opening first friday, April 3, 2009. 5-8PM.

Rocky Mountain School of Photography Gallery.

210 N. Higgins Ave.
Missoula, MT

Garage Tees
W. Alter St. and Toole St.
in the Warehouse Mall


Shot of the Day

My favorite shot of the day - I love that Fort Missoula. A big thanks to Joshua Meier for that.



Hoopla in Cuba

Mimi Knoop

I just got back from a fun and very educational trip to Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. The girls from Hoopla Skateboards and Vans skate shoes Mimi Knoop & CB Burnside, were invited by the troops to skate with their kids, tour the facilities, and snorkel in the bay. I would like to give a BIG thanks to MWR (Morale, Welfare and Recreation), the US military, our troops, the JTF folks, and my tax dallors. We had a great time and I feel honored to have seen a bit of history. And a special thanks to Kim for the boat ride and political discussions.
Things to look at, if you are not afraid of Big Brother tapping into your computer and watching you through your iMac camera.
Joint Task Force
GTMO info


One of My Favorite Locations

This is one of my favorite places to photograph, a parking garage.

Poster Series

Here are some tear sheets from one of my favorite jobs in 2008. Thanks to saltStudio I drove all around eastern Montana photographing 'up and coming' American Indians for a poster series intending to encourage teens (especially Native American teens) to stay in school. I loved meeting the individuals and seeing the land. More than all that, I super duper enjoyed traveling with my new side-splitting, witty, friend Dave and my exceptional friend Eileen.
I want to give some more thanks to Dave and the rest of the saltStudio gang for making the posters look killer. I treasured that we complemented each others work and made a great product together. I think they do a fabulous job at designing and I admire them enormously.