Hoopla in Cuba

Mimi Knoop

I just got back from a fun and very educational trip to Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. The girls from Hoopla Skateboards and Vans skate shoes Mimi Knoop & CB Burnside, were invited by the troops to skate with their kids, tour the facilities, and snorkel in the bay. I would like to give a BIG thanks to MWR (Morale, Welfare and Recreation), the US military, our troops, the JTF folks, and my tax dallors. We had a great time and I feel honored to have seen a bit of history. And a special thanks to Kim for the boat ride and political discussions.
Things to look at, if you are not afraid of Big Brother tapping into your computer and watching you through your iMac camera.
Joint Task Force
GTMO info


  1. Hi Honey.... I tried to get my photo up with your friends.. but I can't get it to upload. Sorry. Let me know how to do it. Loved the postcard you sent of the Gitmo beach... so inspiring! The starkness of the beach, the wood staircase going down...of course, you know I am kidding, but the water looked inviting. We do need to talk about what those detainees are eating... no wonder they are terrorists!

  2. the detainees are eating well, it's the troops I'm worried about. they think Doritos are a food group.
    they have lots of land and workers, I would love to see an organic garden next time I go there.


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