father from Athena Lonsdale on Vimeo.

Kerri Rossenstein is a local artist here in Missoula, MT.
I documented her as she worked on her latest piece called 'father' that is now installed at the Missoula Art Museum.
Thank you Kerri for letting me follow you around pointing expensive black shinny things in your space and recording your every move. You were very brave...... photogenic too.

Eileen Rafferty did a fabulous job editing all the footage and audio. She put it all together to make a great video to showcase Kerri. I want to thank her so very much for all her hard work and hours that she put into this. If you need any editing done, please contact Eileen. She is a joy to work with.
Also a big thanks to Marcy James for helping me record the audio. I enjoyed her company and skills - thanks Marcy!

FOR A LARGER VIEW go to www.athenaphotography.com and click on 'story portraits' then click on 'father



  1. holy cow Athena. So well put together, congratulations. It looks like a lot of work, a long process and so much collaboration. Man, I am impressed (with Kerri and Eileen as well).

  2. An inspiring tribute to moving through the mourning process and the hope of having a community reach out to join that journey... Athena, your capture of this artist's experience is poignant and well done! And to Kerri - thank you for sharing this project.


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