I had a great time.  Kevin and I stayed on this little island of two bars, one snack shack, one dive instructor, and it took 8 slow minutes to walk around the whole thing. For those of you who have been to Missoula, Montana....Tabacco Caye Island is the size of Caras Park from Higgins to Dragon's Hallow, max.

Devon, our dive master instructor and Captain Jack (two handsome black men) took us out on a little blue boat for a 60 foot deep dive. We saw a scenic view of the coral reef, nurse sharks, spotted eagle rays, hawksbill turtle and other things with names I don't know.  Later in the day after our three beautiful Belizean meals (included in our cabin stay) we would follow our new Australian friends to the bar for island flavored drinks and local beer. I drank more in that week than the whole of 2009, so that means I had about 10 drinks..haaahaa

I woke up with the sun every morning (5:30am). I photographed self-portraits while Kevin and the Australians slept in. Here is my Forest Woodward inspired photo. Can you believe this is the view right outside my 8 minute island hut?

 The second week we spent in the jungle. Our experiences included caving, Maya ruins, tarantulas,  kinkajous, a smart boy named Abraham, fun girls from the east-side of the US, butterflies, oranges right off the tree, and a jaguar named Junior.

Tobacco Caye Lodge - Barbara runs the place and she's smart, "layed back" and very caring. Great food here too.
Reefs End Diving - Devon and Eric are both safe and fun dive masters
Hun Chi'ik cave touring - Abraham is a kind and very knowledgeable guide
Treck Stop -  A great place to stay if you are looking for a step up from camping. They are hidden across the way from the Xunantunich ruins. And if you like to frisbee golf they have a 9 hole course.
Du Plooy's - We splurged on this place by accident. And I'm glad we did.
Belize photos - Tony Rath has great photos of Belize.
Belize Zoo - Great rescue zoo. They had adorable lodging and good food. Teachers, take your student here!

Thank you

Comment here....let me know where you have been in Belize....


Hellgate Rollergirl Calender Shoot

Pat Benatar's Hit Me With Your Best Shot was playing and it was Betsy Friday's turn to make-out with the empty 7up bottle called, Jeff Yoman, the name of the cutest boy in our class. I don't remember if he was dating anyone, but if so she wasn't at the rollerskating rink with us that night and wasn't at Tara's birthday slumber party either. Shana and I went outside to smoke a clove cigarette. Looking through the window, as our young lungs learned to inhale, we watched as one girl passed the bottle to another.

I had the pleasure of photographing these ladies, the Hellgate Rollergirls, earlier this year for their calender. It was two full days of shooting for me and I enjoyed every minute.


winning weekend!!!!!

Dave and I holding hands, yes, but really we are holding the BEST IN SHOW award!
saltStudio won the Montana Addy Award on Saturday night for the OPI poster project that I was involved with. Anyone that has been following me knows what a great time I had on that project. It was a honor to photograph the inspiring individuals below, work with Dave, travel with Eileen, and see ALL of Montana. I'm so proud of those photographs and proud I could help bring in the gold for saltStudio.

more winning moments...................................................................................

Cig Harvey likes me!!!    Cig Harvey likes me!!!     Cig Harvey likes me!!!    Cig Harvey likes me!!!
Not as much as my friend Susanna Gaunt, but she likes me!
I entered the Uncommon Portrait contest that Cig Harvey judged. There were two groups of winners. I made it in the second group. Second place maybe the first loser, (what does that make a group of second placers?) anyway,  I'm pretty happy that my image got a head nod from Ms Harvey and made it past the waste basket. Congrats to my silver friend Eileen Rafferty, good to have you in the circle. PDN is next girls!