Looking up and looking down

Portland reminds me, again, interesting things can be found just by looking up or looking down.

I worked in Government Camp, Oregon at High Cascade Snowboard Camp. On rain days when we couldn't or wouldn't snowboard, we would take the campers into Portland for the day. One day, someone on the street pointed high at an apartment window and told us we needed to go in there. We entered the building, climbed stairs, followed whitish walls, and where glad we didn't have too much in our wallets. The older woman's door was ajar, she welcomed us in and lets us roam. Two bedrooms, a living room, a kitchen, a bathroom all over-filled with Elvis Presley. Elvis dolls, belts, beads, bathmats, tissue holders, tapestries, tongue depressors, lamps, luggage, Elvis lollipops, Elvis lives behind her unmarked door in downtown Portland.