Hellgate Rollergirls vs Rimrock Mafia Rollers : : Roller Derby : : Missoula, MT

Missoula, Montana  - Hellgate Rollergirls  * All-Star Team *

Billings, Montana - Rimrock Mafia Rollers

Hott Mess in the Hellgate locker room

DJ Colin Hickey
Pistols & Crystals  - Rimrock Mafia

 Metal vs Mental

 Darby Smash and her monster shadow :0

 Whit Vengeance,  but I'm changing her name to Wit Vengeance because everyone thought the "e" fell off her first name - HA!

Lucky and Krazi looking down at Rimrock Pennyweight

 Dreadly Nightshade waiting to start the jam

 Darby Smash collecting points for the Hellgate Rollergirls 144 to 101 win over Rimrock

Checking out mom's derby butt...heehee

My favorite part of the bout, reading booty shorts 


photographing Misato...

If I was a rollergirl, I would want to be Misato.
I met this camera candy girl at a Hellgate Rollergirl bout. She was a ref and my friend Andy and I couldn't stop looking at her. She has great style and is a fantastic skater. When I was in Spokane a few weeks ago, Misato and I had a little outdoor lifestyle shoot together. Here are some of the shots from that shoot.

Thank you Misato....


weekend events to come

Friday Night                                                                                           Saturday Night


Snake Pit vs Pretty Deadly :: roller derby in Coeur d'alene, Idaho

Well, I branched out a little and photographed a bout without the  Hellgate Rollergirls, OMG, I know, shocking.  I missed my girls though, I didn't know what team to root for. It felt weird not to yell behind my camera, not to cry tears of pride (I can't go to parades because they make me cry from pride) and not to be worried.
Misato, one of the hottest rollergirls on the track, coached the Snake Pit ladies through the night in her snake shoes and snake dress.

I love this skating rink...super hot!

How cute is that...lil eff-er

Thank you Coeur d'alene for being a great host, I love your rink!


roller derby in missoula, montana ••• Dolls vs Mollies

Hellgate Rollergirls Ellie Mental and Cruella D. Crill fighting for lead jammer

2,600 people came to see the Brall'n Mollies vs the Dirt Road Dolls play the Adams Center in Missoula, Montana. We truly do have the best group of fans!

It turns out no one is naked in the locker rooms

I'm so proud of these derby girls, I just can't say that enough...