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Recipe :: Modern Vintage
                                                                   - one part lady
                                                                   - smidgen of punk
                                                                   - little bit rocker
                                                                   - dollop of glam
                                                                  - whole lot of rockabilly
Mix or stir she will still come out the same....fabulous!


big sky montana holds a big photo of mine

Another new discovery...the feeling of walking out a store, looking up at the beautiful sky, and then noticing that my image is on the bulletin board in front of me.

It was a job I did for Community Medical Center here in Missoula, MT. One from a series of three shots for their Emergency Department and Community Physician Group campaign. 
Here they all are...

Lots of fun, and just the kind of work I want to be doing (you know, if I can't shoot rollergirls or myself - Ha!) 
I loved working with the CMC team and thank them for picking me to be a part of it.


on-lookers beware!

I love to add people in my shots when I find them lurking around or watching with great intent. This little girl came by on her bike twice asking questions, so in she goes!

And this boy, he was gawking at my model lady with his friends, so in he goes!


post marked :: fourth of july

"My favorite firework purchase this year is THE CHICKEN BLOWING BALLOON.
It's a cardboard chicken that whistles like its crowing and then blows a balloon out its butt
like its laying an egg" - Steven Cassorla with Roller Coaster Fireworks Outlet in Battle Mountain, NV

top   5  things to bring to your 4th of July event
√ Explosives
√ Explosives
√ Explosives
√  Explosives
√ Explosives