Athena Photography popping up at the mall :: Southgate Mall

I've been known to mix my still photography with some motion...you might say, I'm finding my creative path with video. Where does moving pictures belong in Athena Photography? Well, my answer to that right now is through small short clips edited together to make energetic and authentic pieces of motion fun. I like to be low profile, low fuss and full of real life.
An agency here in Missoula, Partners Creative, came to me with a job, some direction, goals, and requests for some photo/video  action for the Southgate Mall campaign. After mixing my day with photos, time-lapse, and video clips I handed over the footage for Partners to edit and voila here it is!

1 iPad 2 and an iPod classic - Dad purchase with daughter help
1 iPad 2 for Kevin - biggest gift given by Athena to a boy...ever!
1 thought of getting an iPad for myself
3 bras (black, neutral, and a fashion pink/purple one)
1 Orange Julious
3 Cafe Dolce meals
2 pairs of sunglasses that will work for late night cruising in the Ural motorcycle
1 Fan for my rental in the Wilma
1 step stool for those times when I need an extra foot over my model
3 more meals at Cafe Dolce
2 pairs of black polish-able work shoes for Kevin
1 hairdo with Anna
1 pair of black work pants
2 scoops of gelato at Cafe Dolce

...all the things I have been to the Southgate Mall for since this job....haahaa...all that advertising really worked on me :)


I'm being Auctioned off :: Photo Session :: Missoula Art Museum

me-- joyful, creative, spontaneous looking for the curious, timeless, confident, and uninhibited. What do you love-- your long hair, your big belly, your father or daughter, your off road truck? I love my ambition, attraction to contrast, pops of color, old items, avocados, and photographing on location. I hope to meet you over a healthy donation followed by collaborative drinks. Find me at MAM on September 15th for a closer look ;)

A portrait session by Athena photography will be auctioned off tonight at the Missoula Art Museum for their Artini Fundraiser called Facetime! I'm very honored to be selected and to be a part of this event.  I'm loving that community feel, community support and community love!


Missoula :: River City Roots Festival








See you next year at the River City Roots Festival!!!