missoula vs spokane

November 6th, 2010
Missoula's Hellgate Rollergirls hosted Spokane's Toothless Annies for a very exciting roller derby bout. The Missoula crowd of 1500 cheered for their derby dolls as they fought their way around the track. The energy was high, the girls really wanted it and the fans loved it. 


perfect piles

I'm finding........ there is so much to do....... when I'm arranging my life...... to better suit me.


2011 calendars

Of all the things I've done in 2010, I'm most proud of the Hellgate Rollergirl calendars. I have a special place in my heart for those girls, which I will share more of in a future blog post. But for now, I want to celebrate the release of the calendar.

                                                                                         Pinup calendar cover

Bitty Bitch, that's Brae's rollergirl name, and I got together to dream up the 2011 calendar, we left our meeting with two calendars in mind. The first one is a 'pinup style' 11x17 flat calendar. The classic, Vargas pinup calendars with their white backgrounds and sexy girls were our inspiration. We asked Dave McKay Designs to take our ideas and step them up with his clean, simple and effective design. I'm really grateful to him for putting his magic touch on the Pinup calendar, but also for busting out on our 'gritty' themed calendar too. The Gritty calendar is a 81/2 x 11 folded calendar with a darker edger feel to the photographs and design.

                                                                                         Gritty calendar cover

This project really turned out to be a community collaboration, which warms my heart even more. Here is a list of the local talent: Hellgate Rollergirls modeled, I photographed, Dave McKay designed, Josh Quick did the HGRG logo, 12 business sponsored each month, Allegra and Pyramid printed the calendars while walking me through the process, and now derby fans will buy the calendars.....oh, love community.

The girls will be signing and selling the calendars for the next two months. I will be at their release signing tomorrow night, Friday, Nov. 5th at Break Espresso from 5-8. 432 N. Higgins, see you there!