I have updated my site athenaphotography.com and also Cyrus' site.
I want to thank my friend Jen at Jenco Creative for encouraging me to design & created the new look myself, while giving me help and support as needed . It was extremely helpful having her say "not good enough, Athena, try harder" "Do this ...not that." Jen would point me in the direction and I would run with it. Thank you, thank you, Jen
Also a thanks to Dave at saltStudio for his reminder to keep it simple and for his constant ability to make me laugh.
liveBooks of course, I love their sites and the folks over there have been so helpful to me. Thank you Kathy, Jerico, Margie, and the others that helped make my site happen.


  1. Nice Nice Nice!!! and more! didn't know it was done until i was checking your blog - you rock. LOVE the addition of the movies and feels very cohesive all the way around from the home page (clean and simple and direct) to your contact page (with blackboard and cool wording on how to contact. It feels like YOU! congratulations!

  2. Thanks E
    It's good to hear from you!

  3. Very nice Site I really loved it......Muy chevere


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