Doin' it with Ethan

I have a friend, Jen, who has a friend, Ethan, who has a show called Doin’ it with Ethan. I could be wrong, but I really think this guy is going places. He is witty, fun and catty on the mic. And he is a real natural at interviewing people of all types.
I went to LA to photograph him for his web "TV" site launch. After having some of the best mini tacos I have ever had, from the taco stand, we set up in front of the loft windows and started doing it with Ethan. Ethan got sassy with his mic, flippin’ it, tuggin’ it and putting it in his crotch. No, he’s not shy. I love his over the top personality and this over the top look to match. Thanks to Jen my very lovely art director, assistant, producer, and talent coordinator, I couldn’t have done it without you.



Aix ne Provence, Antibes, and Nice

• Kir (creme de cassis mixed with white wine)
• Dogs off leashes
• Pink toilet paper 
• Mustard colored buildings with warm light on them
• Boutique food markets
• No togo cups

• The ladies at the bus station giving out miss information. 
• My Mac crashes everyone's WiFi....what is with that?
• My fusion salad........curry, pasta, olives, avocado, and lettuce.
• Renting blue bikes


moments i landed on - in the land of enchantment

Touchstone Bed and Breakfast - Taos, NM. 

I stayed in two rooms and photographed in three during my stay. I had small moments between meetings, meals and internet cafes to take these photos. This room called the Royale had the best light coming in. All day I would find reasons to pick up my camera. I'm surprised I came home with these photos, I really thought that I would be editing through Lotaburger photos. When I first arrived at the B&B I saw, still standing, Blake's Lotaburger at the driveways entrance. I imagined my self-portraits and thought everyday I might go out and get one, but I didn't. Instead the Royale, Frida and Tony rooms kept me entertained. 

Touchstone Bed and Breakfast - Taos, NM. 

Snowboard Taos

see you next time Lotaburger

Yummy food and great atmosphere = the Love Apple