Cinematic Lighting Class with Bruce Dorn

I found a stillness, just for a moment, a bond with time. For once, there was just me, just me, in my thoughts, just me. I closed my eyes and drifted off. The stale bar anchored me in place. The voices of the morning deliveries slowly faded. My hand was firm around the smooth glass as the light pushed me further into my denial. Her offerings of another fix of solitude renewed the worlds existence.  I was back and the moment was over.  I confirmed with the lady, I would indeed have another.
Bruce Dorn came to RMSP to teach me a Professional Studies class. It was so nice to be a student again. I loved fighting the students for shooting space and accidentally defending my photos in critique. I made all the mistakes I said I wouldn't. It goes to show that acting like a dumbass is just part of how it goes. I had a great time and learned lots, so thank you Bruce! And, thanks Jeanne for letting me take the class. 

a clip from my class with Bruce Dorn from Athena Lonsdale on Vimeo.

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