Discovery Ski Area

If you are looking for me this winter you might find me here....Discovery Ski Area!!



A photo filled Christmas at the Southgate Mall

I don't know what holiday you celebrate, but the mall celebrates Christmas!



happy december

Bitty Bitch and Kitty Bellicose


More :: Photos :: Portland :: Roller Derby Regionals

I'm headed to Canada for the first Roller Derby World Cup! I've got my bags packed, my renewed passport came in last minute, my very expensive plane ticket is on my credit card and I have a mind full of Green Lantern energy! I will be seeing some of the girls below (shot at West Regionals in Portland last month) in Toronto and on Team USA. There will be 13 countries participating in the  Blood & Thunder World Cup event.
The best flat track derby girls in the world! Yeah,  I'm very excited to be going. If you know me, even just a little, you know that I love strong determined women.  What will I'll come away with after being in a room full of them for four days?

belle RIGHT Hooks #1619 on the bench with her fellow Golden Girls

Deridre "Boo Boo Radley" Sage #5  for the Denver Dolls

Jet City Hug

Rose City cheers

Scald Eagle #50 for the Rose City Rollers

Ivy Profane #500 for the B.ay A.rea D.erby Girls

Urrk'n Jerk'n #00 for the Rocky Mountain Rollergirls

Black Star Heroine #63mg


2012 Hellgate Rollergirl Calendar :: Photos :: Outtakes :: Fun

2012 Hellgate Rollergirl Calendar is coming out December 2nd! The calendar signing launch will be at the Green Light (301 Higgins Ave) from 5-8pm, First Friday Hours.
There will be two calendars, an 'Action' calendar (8.5x11 folded) including images of Hellgate Rollergirl derby bouts over the year and a 'Studio' calendar (11x17 flat) including images of the Hellgate Rollergirl team ladies glammed up in horrific, sexy or hilarious moments in the studio.

Q: Where can you purchase them?
A: Local Missoula businesses, HGRG bouts, Dec. First Friday maybe others, or email HGRG's and order.
***If you are thinking holiday gifts don't wait for the bouts to buy them, they're not scheduled until after the new year and, hell, the calendars could be gone by then.
Q: What do they cost?
A: Action $10 and Studio Shoot $15
Q: Where does the money go?
A: 100% goes to the Hellgate Rollergirls to pay for their housing (the warehouse), hosting (bouts and parties), extra panties (the thing with the star, that the jammer wears, silly) and hopefully some travel for out of state bouts!!!


I can't wait for you to see the calendar!!!



Great, new, very rewarding work for Montana State Fund via Partners Creative. Here are a few of the shots they used for their new campaign.


If I can't shoot Jenny with her amazing hair hold a motoX helmet I want to be shooting this....I love this stuff!!


Roller Derby :: Nationals is going on this weekend

I'm not in Denver (sadly) but some of these girls are. I got a chance to see the best of the best fight it out for spots to Nationals last month in Portland. Tonight I was thinking about them and wanted to post a couple of photos before the weekend of WFTDA TV watching and the fight for the number one starts....Oly Oly Oly...Oi Oi   ;) heheee

Atomatix #03 for the Oly Rollers

DeRanged #27 for Rocky Mountain Rollergirls

Rocky Mountain Rollers closing in

Julie "Angela Death" Adams #19 

Rose City Rollers winning hug




NEW WORK ::  Community Medical Center and I have matched up again. Here is the first of our three part series that is part of a six part series that's part of some more series...yes, we love working together. This is a very rewarding project for me. I've met wonderful people along the way and was able to take some images that I'm very proud of. I want to thank everyone that was involved from the small meetings to the big back & forth of the creative process, and especially the model for opening up herself and letting us into her space. 

I was able to do a time-lapse capture of the "down with the old & up with the new"  - thanks Nick :)


Athena Photography popping up at the mall :: Southgate Mall

I've been known to mix my still photography with some motion...you might say, I'm finding my creative path with video. Where does moving pictures belong in Athena Photography? Well, my answer to that right now is through small short clips edited together to make energetic and authentic pieces of motion fun. I like to be low profile, low fuss and full of real life.
An agency here in Missoula, Partners Creative, came to me with a job, some direction, goals, and requests for some photo/video  action for the Southgate Mall campaign. After mixing my day with photos, time-lapse, and video clips I handed over the footage for Partners to edit and voila here it is!

1 iPad 2 and an iPod classic - Dad purchase with daughter help
1 iPad 2 for Kevin - biggest gift given by Athena to a boy...ever!
1 thought of getting an iPad for myself
3 bras (black, neutral, and a fashion pink/purple one)
1 Orange Julious
3 Cafe Dolce meals
2 pairs of sunglasses that will work for late night cruising in the Ural motorcycle
1 Fan for my rental in the Wilma
1 step stool for those times when I need an extra foot over my model
3 more meals at Cafe Dolce
2 pairs of black polish-able work shoes for Kevin
1 hairdo with Anna
1 pair of black work pants
2 scoops of gelato at Cafe Dolce

...all the things I have been to the Southgate Mall for since this job....haahaa...all that advertising really worked on me :)


I'm being Auctioned off :: Photo Session :: Missoula Art Museum

me-- joyful, creative, spontaneous looking for the curious, timeless, confident, and uninhibited. What do you love-- your long hair, your big belly, your father or daughter, your off road truck? I love my ambition, attraction to contrast, pops of color, old items, avocados, and photographing on location. I hope to meet you over a healthy donation followed by collaborative drinks. Find me at MAM on September 15th for a closer look ;)

A portrait session by Athena photography will be auctioned off tonight at the Missoula Art Museum for their Artini Fundraiser called Facetime! I'm very honored to be selected and to be a part of this event.  I'm loving that community feel, community support and community love!


Missoula :: River City Roots Festival








See you next year at the River City Roots Festival!!!