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kickflip 50-50
Laura Sliva



Cyrus (my Dog) the phoDOGrapher and myself put together a book of our work and submitted it to Blurb for their big contest. I hope you have some time to check it out and vote if you like it. I don't know what the votes will get us, they have a judge for the grand prize.....hummm sounds like marketing to me....it's working....Cyrus and I have got our competitive spirits out and we are playing the game! So if you want to cheer for us we would love it!
Thanks for the VOTE!


Beauty and the Beast

Skate ladies first and today the skate boys. Mobash hosted the Beauty and the Beast Tour, boys from Anti Hero and Girl. The boys were a little more testy than the girls I photographed the day before. They must have had pent up travel issues. Maybe I was pointing my camera at too many Beasts and not enough Beauties?
On a side note, their filmers had really nice Leica lenses....

So, after looking through my anti-photos I found this beauty, our local hero, Ray Hertz

Skate Like A Girl

transfer tail slide to the deep

so cute - love her

alley oop fakie 5-0

Here is Frederique Luyet at 52 SkatePark here in Missoula. I went out there to photograph a hand full of girls from Skate Like A Girl and had a real positive girl experience, the type that we read about or that movies like to portray. They rode well, were excited about each others achievements, promoted each other, and their photographer played and exchanged advice with me. lots of fun and a feel good time. I hope you can catch them on their tour.
Skate Like A Girl