MAC Group Shoot (part two)

My first year of high school was spent in a big California public high school, the kind of schools they make movies about.

I remember one night, my new friend and I quietly made it back into her house as the clock turned midnight thirty. We changed out of our Friday night party gear and sat on the couch amongst the covers recapping the evening we had together. Our stories were cut short by a ping on the window in the other room, her bedroom. A boy from the party was there. She tried to tell him to go away, that we were doing our own thing, that she didn't want him to wake her parents. He kept at it, he wanted in. She gave up, rolled her eyes at the inconvenient situation, and he walked around to the front door. On her way to the door, she asked me with a bit of hope and of genuine hospitality if I "wanted him". My answer was quick "no thanks". She quietly opened the door and guided him back to her room.

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