I'm being Auctioned off :: Photo Session :: Missoula Art Museum

me-- joyful, creative, spontaneous looking for the curious, timeless, confident, and uninhibited. What do you love-- your long hair, your big belly, your father or daughter, your off road truck? I love my ambition, attraction to contrast, pops of color, old items, avocados, and photographing on location. I hope to meet you over a healthy donation followed by collaborative drinks. Find me at MAM on September 15th for a closer look ;)

A portrait session by Athena photography will be auctioned off tonight at the Missoula Art Museum for their Artini Fundraiser called Facetime! I'm very honored to be selected and to be a part of this event.  I'm loving that community feel, community support and community love!


  1. you go girl! whoever gets you will be lucky to have you.

  2. I hope you made LOTS of money for MAM - great ad. photos!

  3. I did make some money for them and ended up with a great client to work with. I'm very excited about the image I now have to make for the auction winner!!


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