2012 Hellgate Rollergirl Calendar :: Photos :: Outtakes :: Fun

2012 Hellgate Rollergirl Calendar is coming out December 2nd! The calendar signing launch will be at the Green Light (301 Higgins Ave) from 5-8pm, First Friday Hours.
There will be two calendars, an 'Action' calendar (8.5x11 folded) including images of Hellgate Rollergirl derby bouts over the year and a 'Studio' calendar (11x17 flat) including images of the Hellgate Rollergirl team ladies glammed up in horrific, sexy or hilarious moments in the studio.

Q: Where can you purchase them?
A: Local Missoula businesses, HGRG bouts, Dec. First Friday maybe others, or email HGRG's and order.
***If you are thinking holiday gifts don't wait for the bouts to buy them, they're not scheduled until after the new year and, hell, the calendars could be gone by then.
Q: What do they cost?
A: Action $10 and Studio Shoot $15
Q: Where does the money go?
A: 100% goes to the Hellgate Rollergirls to pay for their housing (the warehouse), hosting (bouts and parties), extra panties (the thing with the star, that the jammer wears, silly) and hopefully some travel for out of state bouts!!!


I can't wait for you to see the calendar!!!


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