Thailand :: Vacation

Kevin and I try to go somewhere warm for vacation every year with our friend Scott. This year our pick was Thailand.

Likes: Panang curry, Pad Thai, pints of whiskey on the table, jasmine rice, satay peanut sauce, bubble Tea Tapioca Pearls, Thai iced tea, sweet condesed milk, coconut milk, coconut palm sugar, lemongrass, mango, and so much more...
Dislikes: fish sauce flavored chips, straw mushrooms (I know, all mushrooms, but those straw ones were sneaky and trying to get into all kinds of dishes)



Likes... the downtown temple. Walking through it on my way back from the market with a banana leaf bundle of sweet rice or an iced coffee held in a plastic bag with a straw stinking out of the top is one way to feel like a local. If the local thing took to long I could always jump in with this guy.
Dislikes... temples on top of hills requiring hot hours of waiting. The tourist tax ticket that we paid for but no one ever collected. Trying to find MY shoes in the shoe sea at the entrance.


Likes: The casual setting of the fighting gym, the intensity of the fighters, the respect for the ring,  the low volume of attendance, that it was walking distance from our hotel, all the cheering and yelling.
Dislikes: the ticket price, the dead roach in our Scott's food, do you think it was crushed before or after it landed on the pork fried rice?




Island life

Likes... great food at cute beach restaurants, fans above beds, funny named coves, welcoming waters, discovering waterfalls with homemade bars and a very happy man tying knots in rope swings, boat taxis, swimming around a small island and not getting eaten by a shark.
Dislikes... that I left my tripod plate at home. That we could stay another week. 



• Two extra tight suit, four shirts and four ties, all custom made, 14,000 baht.
• extra night in the hotel, 1200 baht

..... suit shoot on the beach, priceless








 ...until next year.


  1. Your work speaks to me like looking through my minds eye- many thanks for sharing your work and thoughts and ventures. live to sk8....T

  2. custom suit beach shoot. oh my.

  3. I can imagine this dialogue

    You: "Ok go get some cool suits and meet back here in 3 hours".

    3 hours later at the beach

    You: "What the hell? I meant swim suits"

    Kevin: "Oh."

    Although I guess if that were the case, you wouldn't have photographed the tailor. Never mind.

  4. LOVE the sexy suit guys photoshoot. What a fun fun fun trip.


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