Blonde an' Bitchen education at D-Bomb school

I smashed myself between, Aspen, the dog and Booya's bag of blue corn chips as the borrowed van pulled away from the Hellgate Rollergirl's "inferno" warehouse. The van headed west with me, the dog, their coach, and five excited rollergirls to derby clinic in Spokane, Washington.



Blonde an' Bitchen and her sister D-Bomb (I wonder if most people put their names in that order...hum) taught the six hour clinic to about forty padded up gals. The two sisters are from the Oly Rollers, my second favorite team ;) and a huge motivation for me going. I was too star struck to say much more than thanks for having us...I'll have to work on that.  

hockey stops
snowplow stops
toe stop runs
working the out of bound girl
working together to get the girl out of bounds
deep walking
high jumping
leg lifts and .....

 ...chin splits!
and the end reward...soaking in the river... trading sweaty arm pits for mossy ______ for the long ride home.


p.s. thank you Sweet-Tart


  1. So when are you strapping your skates on and joining the team?? :)

  2. Great Pics! That was a fun clinic and those hellgate girls were so nice!

  3. love love love

    thank you for sharing, reminding, documenting.

    G-damn i miss all you missoula ladies, truely the best of the best.



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