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Touchstone Bed and Breakfast - Taos, NM. 

I stayed in two rooms and photographed in three during my stay. I had small moments between meetings, meals and internet cafes to take these photos. This room called the Royale had the best light coming in. All day I would find reasons to pick up my camera. I'm surprised I came home with these photos, I really thought that I would be editing through Lotaburger photos. When I first arrived at the B&B I saw, still standing, Blake's Lotaburger at the driveways entrance. I imagined my self-portraits and thought everyday I might go out and get one, but I didn't. Instead the Royale, Frida and Tony rooms kept me entertained. 

Touchstone Bed and Breakfast - Taos, NM. 

Snowboard Taos

see you next time Lotaburger

Yummy food and great atmosphere = the Love Apple


  1. in love with the self portrait. Bea-U-tiful light!

  2. I love the Love Apple, but I can do without the Lotaburger. Haahaa


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