Doin' it with Ethan

I have a friend, Jen, who has a friend, Ethan, who has a show called Doin’ it with Ethan. I could be wrong, but I really think this guy is going places. He is witty, fun and catty on the mic. And he is a real natural at interviewing people of all types.
I went to LA to photograph him for his web "TV" site launch. After having some of the best mini tacos I have ever had, from the taco stand, we set up in front of the loft windows and started doing it with Ethan. Ethan got sassy with his mic, flippin’ it, tuggin’ it and putting it in his crotch. No, he’s not shy. I love his over the top personality and this over the top look to match. Thanks to Jen my very lovely art director, assistant, producer, and talent coordinator, I couldn’t have done it without you.


  1. this guy is awesome...i loved the interview he does with the creator of "shoes" it makes you realize that as unique as he is he still has competition out there. way to capture his quirky personality...

  2. These are dope. Beautiful light. I'm also digging the watermark.

  3. Thanks Chad !
    Thanks Kimber!

    I just watched this one


    I for some reason laughed a whole bunch, and I'm not even a Baywatch Fan.....(is that how you even spell it)


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