big moments from small things

I have a new favorite thing...getting published! These are small moments, but they feel really good.
This first one is my friend Shelley. She and I decided to combined interests one day and it worked out for us. Runner's World ran this shot in the currant July issue.
If you are into the vegan thing or curious about it, you should check out more of Shelley on her blog The Uprising for recipes, info and lots of Shelley wit.

And this one, yes Pippin wins again. Pippin, the French Bulldog, captured the AMSP Bulletin editor's eye for the spring quarter issue bundled with the PDN mag. Good dog!

More on Pippin...you got it, follow this fun pup on Twitter at pippintracy
but, the real creative behind this dog is Jen Tracy of Jenco Creative. You will know you're at the right website because you'll see another Athena and Pippin photo.

Thank you Shelley and Jen for making it all happen. I really enjoyed my photo-shoots with you and my paper keepsakes too. 

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  1. Congratulations! Love that this photo has scored for you again!


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