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I'm inspired by Hailey King. She photographs her world of baking, in a soft intimate way, making me wish I lived with her. In her honor, I thought, I would share how to make your own almond milk. I can't believe how impatient I am when photographing still life. I don't know what to do with something that can't pop out it's hip or bend the elbow more...oh well.

My mother is one of the most healthy food makers, food preparers, and label readers out there. She influences her bothers, maybe her sister, maybe my sister, her mother and defiantly me with her organic this and her no-growth-hormone that. I spent the holidays with her and now...I will be making my own almond milk.

1 cup almonds (organic - duh)
2 cups water

Soak the almonds over night in water. Mix almonds and water in blender for 30 seconds. Strain through cheesecloth. Take the almonds out of the cloth and mix again with 2 more cups of water in blender for 30 seconds. Strain through the same cheesecloth. Throw almond grounds and cloth away. Drink milk.

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