A ballerina needn’t be a saint and a skater isn’t always a sinner.

Bamphetamine - 2011 "Gritty" Calendar       

These roller radicals blossomed in just barely a year, growing into a bouquet of vigorous wildflowers, capable of standing beautifully alone. 

Here are some images from the two calendars the girls and I made together for 2011 designed by Dave McKay Design (layout and design...not shown here).  There are only a few calendars left. They can be found at Betty's Divine in Missoula, MT, or through the Hellgate Rollergirls by emailing them at hellgaterollergirls@gmail.com 

More calendar images can be seen on Athena Photography.com
Bitty Bitch & P.O.'d Box - 2011 "Gritty" Calendar

   Night Mare - 2011 "Gritty" Calendar                            Psyco Bows - 2011 "Gritty" Calendar 

Lola Botomizer - 2011 "Pinup" Calendar

      Tricksie Fiend - 2011 "Pinup" Calendar                 Hell Bunny Hunny - 2011 "Pinup" Calendar

  Harpy Marx - 2011 "Pinup" Calendar 

I started working with the Hellgate Rollergirls  in their first year and this is partially why it has been so enjoyable. A friendship is beautiful to witness but seeing the introduction, formation and trust building between these girls has been mesmerizing and inspirational.  I photographed the Rollergirls 2010 calendar, these were the days, and I began to notice that these Hellgate Girls weren’t just amicable and polite, but that they had a generous bond and camaraderie with each other.  Something often not found in just a regular group of friends, they had a deeper care.  They continue to be a cohesive unit of stability and encouragement… they just happen to skate around a rink wearing fishnets. And they beat the crap out of their opponents. 

After shooting their calendar piece, I began to shoot practices and battles.  I witnessed their progression of skating skills and their growing collection of battle wounds, and also saw their organization and authority advance as they came together as athletes.  They developed together, yet as independent women.

I get goose bumps and a lump in my throat when I tell people how proud I am. These girls are finding themselves again or discovering themselves for the first time. The comments that they’ve shared with me are infectious and leave me energized.  Roller derby has given them power: a power of confidence, a power of determination.  It has given them power to get up after they fall again and again.  (Not to mention, roller derby has given them all great legs!)  

 Hott Mess - 2011 "Pinup" Calendar

Hellgate Rollergirls, thank you for filling my year with your courage, love and toe stopper stands.  Happy holidays and I look forward to the new year with you!


  1. Such a beautiful and fun progression for this project. I've loved watching as it's grown over the last year. You are awesome!

  2. Wow. Classic, timeless shots. Great job.

  3. You and your shots are amazing Athena! I'm glad we've had someone as great as yourself be there to document this crazy journey of ours. You are a wonderful addition to our Rollergirl family!

  4. Awesome set!! I'm excited to see where this project and your relationship with these girls leads you in the coming years. Very unique imagery.

  5. These are awesome, Athena! Love how you create a mood and capture a personality. Great saint/sinner title too.

  6. Thanks everyone...i'm glad you enjoyed them...I hope to do more of that kind of work in 2011!!!


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