Cover Shot!

This week I found out that my image was chosen for the cover of the 2011 Rocky Mountain School of Photography catalog.  I love this image of Pippin and Jen and I'm proud to have it on the cover.  Jeanne, the owner of RMSP, gives one of the best image critiques at the school.  I'm very flattered to have her thumbs up.  If you asked Jeanne five years ago, if she thought she would ever have a dog, let alone a dog wearing Fifi & Romeo designer clothing on the cover, she would have said no.  I guess she couldn't resist that cute Frenchy too.  Also, I would like to thank my agent Page, without her this image might not have crossed Jeanne's desk. 

Every year, somewhere, somehow I get to visit my friend Jen.  We talk non-stop, eat sweets, run around having fun - and then pause for a photoshoot.  Now that I think of it, it's the only time I see Jen pause.  The photo above is our last shoot together, somebody forgot to tell Pippin that it was Jen's photo shoot.  As any French Bulldog lover knows, they steal the show.

Here are some past Jen photo shoots you might remember.


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