a girl's take on france

France, I have never been so quiet in all my life. Sadly, I don't know French and appropriately, the French speak French, even if they know English. I spent my days silently watching others converse. I would notice their earrings dangle, the length of each eyebrow hair, the shape of their lips wrapping around the filter as they inhaled. After the frustration of not knowing what was being said around me passed, I started to feel lucky. I've never had the opportunity to be so observant.

A week before the Iceland Ash Cloud affected France, I was on a plane across the Atlantic, headed for creme de cafe, crepes and crispy apples at the market. I arrived in Aix en Provence, south France, were I gave myself two weeks to indulge in the French culture and engage in what I was calling a photography retreat. This is the closest I've ever been to an artist in residency. I had my place to stay, money for food, lots of time, and my one prop...

...my blue dress.
getting early morning bagettes
waiting until it's safe

stepping outside for a little sun

 Thank you KALI, thank you thank you !!!!!!

and now...A Boy's Take on France!
While I was busy looking inward, my good friend, Forest, was down the coast line an hour and thirty minutes, looking outward. What he found were images that reflected emotion, consciousness, perspective, and his experiences as a whole as he traverses across France.

Check out his energetic photographs on Forest Woodward's blog.


  1. wini and i both think you should post MORE of your photos on your blog. we loved your blue dress in france.

  2. Magnifique! I think I just said, "Magnificent!"

  3. Mon dieu! When you have such an awesome model - yourself - at hand all the time / everywhere & talent . . . how can you not make images as beautiful as this.

  4. these are so beautiful...so dreamy...i especially love the color and feeling in image 2...love it...

  5. Athena these are beautiful. I have to agree with Chad. You're so inspiring


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